Free Music Download Sites: There is no single person in the world who don’t like music. Every one in the world right from the birth grows listening music in every stage. When a child was born he will be made to sleep with a song sung by his/her mother. When the kid steps into a school he will learn rhymes which can also be termed as one type of music. In the teenage a person sings songs for a friend, girl friend on his wife in the middle age. Like this every stage in our life id connected to music. Every one in the world can be called as a music lover.

You might be thinking that why I am telling all this. Don’t worry i am coming to the point. This is an article which is all about the best music download sites for the persons who are searching for the music download and those  who are facing a problem in downloading music from a site.

To facilitate such people here we are providing you with some of the best and top rated free music download sites through which you can download the music of your interest and listen to it.

Top 7 Free Music Download Sites For Music Lovers

We have provided you with some of the best music download sites through which a person can download mp3 music without any hassles and listen to their favorite tunes. Check below.

  1. facilitates a music lover in order to download free music, and stream songs. Apart  from this will also suggest for tunes that you may like. One can search for a tune by the name of the artist or specific genre  by selecting his name in the black box that is provided on the page of The one of the most important advantage of is that the user need not sign in to download the music. All that the user need to do is simply search for the song or tune of his choice and click the blue button that displays ”Free Mp3”. also offers an Events tab through which the user can know the latest upcoming live shows and festivals.

  2. SoundCloud: Soundcloud unlike other music download sites allows a user to download both professional as well as independent musicians and also allows you to download streaming music. But the thing is every song can’t be downloaded for free in Soundcloud as some songs will ask you to like it from facebook and then only you will be able to download that song. The songs that can be downloaded for free will have a download button by default below the song. The user need not sign in to listen the song as in case of . Directly the user can search for a specific track and listen to it or can download it. But if the user is interested he can sign up through Google, Facebook and can enjoy some additional benefits .

  3. NoiseTrade: NoiseTrade mostly offers a user to download the tracks From the music albums of independent artists. One can easily download the mostly listened tracks from the Top Downloads section in the bottom of the home page. NoiseTrade also offers a user to listen to the new album tracks by ‘New and Notable Section’ . If the user likes a particular album song he can tip the artist and promote the track by suggesting it to others. The process of listening a song is to click on the artist/album tab displayed on the homepage where you will be able to listen a sample track of the song and on sharing the song on social media you can download that particular song for free. One need not sign up for the site for downloading a track. All that a user need to do is simply enter email id and Zip code shown and the track will be downloaded to your device.

  4. Amazon: Amazon is partially free music download site through which you can download the selected songs for free. But the thing is that you need to sign in to amazon to enjoy listening to your favourite tracks and download them for free. One can download the music of different genres out of which you can choose your favourite genre.  When you click on Free tab located at the top of the home page you can download some specific songs of various artists and bands which are available for free. One can download the song to the computer or else listen to it using Amazon cloud player.

  5. MadeLoud: Madeloud is a site where you can only download the music tracks of underground bands and solo artists. This site offers several genres. When you click on the Artists tab that is in red colour, you will be able to search for a particular artist tracks. But the only thing is that you need to sign up for downloading the track. Once you have signed in you can easily download your favourite track just by clicking on the down faced gray coloured arrow.

  6. SoundClick: SoundClick is a different site which will guide a user to visit the websites of Professional as well as unsigned musicians who offers music on their personal sites for free download. On clicking on the ‘SoundClick Music Genres List ‘ under the head Music will guide a user to a page where a list of genres will be displayed. Select the genre you want to listen/download and download the track. The only disadvantage of this site is that it doesn’t provide  all the music to download for free. And one have to be a registered member of the site so as to download the favourite track.

  7. Jamendo: When you visit the Jamendo Site you will see three tabs on the top of the page. The first one being ”Music For Commercial Use” which offers the user to download tracks for commercial use by paying money. The second one being ‘Upload’ which allows an artist or a band to promote their tracks by uploading them. The third on e and most important one that is ‘Listen’ tab on clicking this the user can download and listen to his favourite track by selecting an artist, Genre and other categories. The site is very easy to use and guides yo very well how to switch on to your favourite track

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